Point heating systems

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PINTSCH ABEN offers switchpoint heating systems for smooth winter operation.

The customer can choose between electric and gas-infrared switchpoint heating.

Performance, efficiency, energy saving, with due regard to climate zones and infrastructure, are the essential prerequisites for the system decision.

Weather stations with temperature sensors detect weather and temperature conditions and thus ensure automatic switch-on or switch-off of the energy supply.

Both systems can be operated and monitored locally or via telecontrol, respectively higher-level control systems.

Moreover, PINTSCH ABEN provides all current industrial standard protocols, thus enabling perfect interaction between the various systems with one single communication protocol. The versatility of this system provides a high flexibility in technology, handling and presentation of operating conditions – including possibilities for precise remote diagnostics.

We offer consulting, strategy and project planning.


Gas-infrared Switchpoint Heating

Between 1963 and 1970, PINTSCH ABEN introduced the gas-infrared switchpoint heating to the Dutch market. The burnerpipes can be operated with either natural gas or propane.


Electric Switchpoint Heating

Since the 1980s, PINTSCH ABEN is the market leader for electric switchpoint heating systems in Germany. One of the reasons for this success has been the in-house development of the advanced, system specific PA LINE control, monitoring and diagnostic system.